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Jason Binswanger

Jason Binswanger

Jason Binswanger is a Frontline Healthcare Worker who contracted the COVID-19 virus while on the job.

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Diagnosis: COVID-19

About the first week of December, I just felt like I was coming down with the flu, something didn't feel right. I called my boss, and told her I may have COVID and being a healthcare worker I was able to get tested. 

It started off as a mild flu and it would get worse everyday, and the fever never went above 102. But it pretty much last like that. And then came then 2 week ride of COVID. I had a fever for two days, and had about 30% strength. I also lost my senses, smell and taste.

Treatment: Radiation, Chemotherapy

I treated it like a normal flu, heated myself to sweat it out and took a bunch of Nyquil.


Follow Up

It took about three weeks for me to feel back to 100%. Along with fatigue, one of my other symptoms was anxiety of going back to work. I also suffered from "brain fog" and short-term memory loss, I was forgetting people's names. I would be talking and forget my words in the middle of a sentence.