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Greg Cantwell


Greg Cantwell was diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM), an agressive brain cancer, at age 30. He was originally given 1 year to live, but he proved doctors wrong and is still with us 17 years later.

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Diagnosis: Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM)

While sleeping, Greg experienced a grand mal seizure and was rushed to the hospital. A neuro-oncologist  was urgently summoned in the middle of the night because of a mass in his brain that was found in his MRI and CT scans.

After a couple weeks, he went in for a biopsy where it was determined the mass was in fact GBM Stage 4 Brain Cancer.

Treatment: Radiation, Chemotherapy

Greg was given three options: (1) Do nothing and enjoy the time he had left, (2) Go through surgery and radiation with tremodar, or (3) Go all out and hit it with everything medicine had to offer. He chose the latter.


Over the next year, Greg endured an aggressive process of chemotherapy with hospital visits once a month (3 days and 2 nights each visit). He started with surgery and radiation, and also did temodar in conjunction with his radiation. He had gliadel wafers inserted into the tumor site, which are chemotherapy wafers that dissolve within two and a half weeks. Along with a form of intra-arterial chemotherapy, where they insert a catheter into your brain and release the drug directly.


Follow Up

After 12 months of aggressive medical therapy, Greg has not had a recurrence. He was original given 1 year to live, and 17 years later he thankfully proved the doctors wrong.

In 2012, Greg formed a non-profit organization called "Greg's Mission" that offers support to those specifically dealing with brain cancer.