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About Cure   cience

CureScience  was established to develop research centers of excellence through collaborative partnerships with academia as well as the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.  CureScience™ envisions that this approach will accelerate discovery and commercialization of novel and beneficial diagnostics and therapeutics.  We have initiated programs focusing on diagnostics, drug discovery and development, and simplifying patient access to innovative therapies. As a consequence of these efforts, CureScience   will address high unmet needs across a broad spectrum of diseases. The prevalence of cancer, neurological, and autoimmune disorders created the necessity of establishing multiple comprehensive Centers of Excellence focused on integrated research and disease management to provide new technologies, diagnostics and therapeutics to combat disease. 








These programs are focused on integrated research and disease management, covering preemptive approaches based on multi-faceted “omics”, combined with novel small molecule and biologics drug development.  In accordance with our mission to advance efficacious therapeutics rapidly and efficiently, we also will develop programs that focus on repurposing existing drugs.  The new era of big data is creating a dynamic real-time patient-centric and patient-specific digital summary.  We are establishing protocols to assimilate big data, and parse the information into patient specific, disease specific informatics allowing CureScience™ to rapidly identify patient exigencies and corresponding beneficial therapeutic modalities.  In addition, emerging trends in in-silico modeling and drug screening can expedite the deployment of novel and repurposed drugs. This has the potential to improve early detection, accelerate drug discovery and development, identify drug repurposing approaches, and implement precision medicine strategies.


For more information on our activities or details on a donation, please contact Mini Gill, M.D. at





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