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Functional proteomics and immune profiling

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The most advanced functional proteomics and immune profiling at the single-cell level have recently been developed. Here we utilize Isoplexis® microchip arrays to evaluate a variety of cell samples for cancer immunology, vaccines, cell therapy, neurology inflammation, and infectious diseases. We can provide services for the following analyses:

  • Single-Cell Secretome for human, mouse and NHP samples (single-cell functional phenotyping of immune cells)

  • Single-Cell Intracellular Proteome for human tumor signaling

  • Multiplexed proteomics in tiny sample volumes, samples will include any fluid or  CSF or cell culture supernatant from human, mouse or NHP.








The available panel lists include single-cell Secretome and Single-Cell Intracellular Proteome spanning a variety of known proteins, cytokines, and interleukins.


Our laboratory continually develops new methods and customized approaches, from early screening through preclinical and clinical support. For additional information, please contact us at or call (858) 800-CURE (2873).

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