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Immune response monitoring

Vaccines can be prophylactic and therapeutic for infectious diseases and cancer, depending on the formats of the antigens (virus, mRNA or DNA, recombinant protein, or synthesized peptide). The T- or B-cell-mediated antigen-specific response can be monitored by ELISpot or FluoroSpot to observe how cell frequencies have changed in response to a therapeutic intervention. We specialize in the isolation and cryopreservation of human peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) from whole blood with high viability and function. We perform antigen-specific immune response assays with ELISpot/FluoroSpot to support your preclinical studies or clinical trials. We are able to provide the following services and customize them to your project needs:










Our laboratory continually develops new methods and customized approaches, from early screening through preclinical and clinical support. For additional information, please contact us at or call (858) 800-CURE (2873).

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  • Whole blood processing to cryopreserved PBMCs

  • T- and B-cell ELISpot/FluoroSpot tests

  • Assay optimization and standardization

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