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Lawrence D. Jones, PhD

Editorial Consultant

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Lawrence D. Jones, Ph.D. is an active consultant to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry as well as an avid trader on the stock market. Dr. Jones has over thirty-five years of successful, progressive technology and general management and recruiting experience in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and chemical field. He attended Cornell University, Stanford University, and Duke University where he earned his Ph.D. in organic chemistry. He has
authored twenty-six peer reviewed publications and has experience in business development, human resource management, drug discovery, process development, GMP synthesis, analytical methods development and validation, quality control and regulatory affairs.  

Since 2020, Dr. Jones has been a consultant to CureScience    Institute where he is the Editor of all publications and manuscripts produced by the scientific staff as well as himself. He is currently writing blogs and other manuscripts for both CureScience     and NXP Writers Syndicate.
Dr. Jones spent his early years at FMC Corporation where he carried out product development and process research. He developed a new aqueous polymeric film-coating dispersion, Aquacoat®. After FMC, Dr. Jones joined Johnson Matthey where he directed and coordinated development, production, marketing and sales of platinum-based pharmaceutical products.  He was responsible for the chemical development of carboplatin, a platinum-based antineoplastic that was successfully launched by Bristol-Myers Squibb. Dr. Jones then joined Kaneka Corporation where he developed the U.S. market for chiral chemical intermediates and identified and fostered new technology opportunities and new products for the North American pharmaceuticals market. 

Dr. Jones left Kaneka in August 1991 to co-found Inhalon Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a generic pharmaceutical company that manufactures, sells and distributes generic inhalation anesthetics.  He was primarily responsible for developing the corporate infrastructure for administration, legal and human resources as well as developing marketing plans and sales infrastructure.  After Inhalon obtained three drug approvals from the FDA, the decision was made to divest the
company. He then joined Albany Molecular Research, Inc. where he ultimately served as Senior Vice-President, Business Development. He was responsible for marketing to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry a suite of fully integrated chemistry disciplines including traditional medicinal chemistry, parallel synthesis, combinatorial chemistry, computational chemistry, cGMP synthesis, analytical methods development and validation, custom synthesis, biocatalysis, fermentation and specialty manufacturing capabilities (high  potency suites, controlled substances, cryogenic chemistry).



Most Recent Publications

1. Nupur Biswas, Shweta Chakrabarti, Lawrence D. Jones, Shashaanka Ashili, Smart wearables addressing
gait disorders: A review, Materials Today Communications, 106250, Science Direct · May 30, 2023

2. Sandeep C Pingle, Feng Lin*,, Misa S Anekoji, C Pawan K Patro, Souvik Datta, Lawrence D Jones,
Santosh Kesari & Shashaanka Ashili, Exploring the role of cerebrospinal fluid as analyte in neurologic
disorders Future Science OA · Apr 4, 2023

3. Biswas, N., Chakrabarti, S., Padul, V., Jones, L. D., & Ashili, S. Designing neoantigen cancer vaccines,
trials and outcomes. Frontiers in Immunology, 14. Jan 31,

4. Chakrabarti S, Biswas N, Karnani K, Padul V, Jones LD, Kesari S, Ashili S. Binned Data Provide Better
Imputation of Missing Time Series Data from Wearables. Sensors. 2023; 23(3):1454. Jan 27, 2023Jan 27, 2023

5. Patro, C.P.K., Biswas, N., Pingle, S.C. Jones, L.D. et al. MTAP loss: a possible therapeutic approach for
glioblastoma. J Transl Med 20, 620 (2022). Dec 22, 2022

6. Shweta Chakrabarti, Nupur Biswas,* Lawrence D. Jones, and Shashaanka Ashili, Role of Smartwatches in
Diabetes Patient Care, Archives of Diabetes and Obesity 2022, 4(2), 431; https:\\DOI:

7. Shweta Chakrabarti, Nupur Biswas,* Lawrence D. Jones, Santosh Kesari, and Shashaanka Ashili, Smart
Consumer Wearables as Digital Diagnostic Tools: A Review, Diagnostics 2022, 12(9), 2110; (registering DOI) · Aug 31, 2022

8. Lin F, Ichim TE, Pingle S, Jones LD, Kesari S, Ashili S. Mesenchymal stem cells as living anti-
inflammatory therapy for COVID-19 related acute respiratory distress syndrome. World J Stem Cells 2020;
12(10): 1067-1079 URL: Oct 21, 2020

9. J S Sunny, C. P K. Patro, K Karnani, S C. Pingle, F Lin, M Anekoji, L D. Jones, S Kesari, and S Ashili
"Anomaly Detection Framework for Wearables Data: A Perspective Review on Data Concepts, Data
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