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Shashaanka Ashili, Ph.D.

Research Scientist
Digital Health

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Shashaanka A Bio


Shashaanka Ashili is a scientist entrepreneur. He was the founding CEO of CureScience    , which
started formal operations in 2020 coinciding with the COVID-19 pandemic. He steered the organization
during the uncertainties brought about by COVID-19, successfully forming teams, initiating projects, and
fostering both national and international partnerships. He concurrently led Appomics TM (wearables and
apps) initiative at CureScience TM and continues to lead the initiative as a Consultant Scientist.

A  passionate supporter of patient empowerment, Dr. Ashili laid the foundation for numerous patient-
centric activities at CureScience TM including establishing an institutional repository of disease-oriented
articles that are written for non-scientific patients. He is currently focused on personalized and precision
medicine within Longevity and Quality of Life segments. As an interdisciplinary scientist with an eye
towards commercialization, Dr. Ashili is evangelizing improving science and healthcare access in Asia,
primarily in India. During COVID-19, he partnered with premier Institute in India (IITG) under “Scientists
Beyond Borders” initiative in launching affordable medical devices.

An alumnus of National Institute of Technology (NIT) Warangal, Dr. Ashili completed his MS in
Electrical Engineering from Wright State University in 2003 with a focus on Chip design (VLSI) and
Embedded systems. In 2007, he earned his Ph.D. in Optical Science from the University of North Carolina
at Charlotte. His explored optical transport and coupling within meso- and microscopic structures.
Subsequently, in 2008, he completed Fellowship in surgical innovation from the University of Missouri,
Columbia, under the guidance of the president of SAGES at that time. He dedicated over four years to
academic research at the Biodesign Institute at Arizona State University, as part of a P50 NIH, NHGRI
CEGS grant aimed at comprehending cellular heterogeneity through single cell analysis.

Additionally, Dr.Ashili was an early adopter of iBeacons and tirelessly pursued the development of a
commercially viable solution, ultimately patenting it for a specific application in the connected car domain.
Using this technology, he launched Smart Drivinc in 2015, a startup with a focus on improving loyalty and loss
ratios. Smart Drivinc was a Global Insurance Accelerator company and also the finalist of ACORD
Insurance Innovation Challenge (AIIC-2016).

Most Recent Publications

1. Lin, F., Lin, E., Anekoji, M., Ichim, T. E., Hu, J., Marincola, F. M., Jones, L., Kesari, S., & Ashili, S. (2023, November 18). Advancing personalized medicine in brain cancer: exploring the role of mRNA vaccines. Journal of Translational Medicine.

2. Dhas, Y., Arshad, N., Biswas, N., Jones, L., & Ashili, S. (2023, September 20). MicroRNA-21 Silencing in Diabetic Nephropathy: Insights on Therapeutic Strategies. Biomedicines.

3. Darji, J., Biswas, N., Jones, L., & Ashili, S. (2023, August 24). Handling missing data in the time-series data from wearables. IntechOpen eBooks.

4. Datta, S., Lin, F., Jones, L., Pingle, S. C., Kesari, S., & Ashili, S. (2023, July 1). Traumatic brain injury and immunological outcomes: the double-edged killer. Future Science OA.

5. Biswas, N., Chakrabarti, S., Jones, L., & Ashili, S. (2023, June 1). Smart wearables addressing gait disorders: A review. Materials Today Communications.

6. Kesari, S., Wang, R., Juarez, T., Ashili, S., Patro, C. P. K., Carrillo, J. A. O., Nguyen, M., Truong, J., Levy, J., Sommer, J., Freed, D. M., Xiu, J., Takasumi, Y., Bouffet, R., & Gill, J. (2023, May 5). Activity of pemetrexed in pre-clinical chordoma models and humans. Scientific Reports.

7. Pingle, S. C., Lin, F., Anekoji, M. S., Patro, C. P. K., Datta, S., Jones, L., Kesari, S., & Ashili, S. (2023, April 1). Exploring the role of cerebrospinal fluid as analyte in neurologic disorders. Future Science OA.

8. Biswas, N., Chakrabarti, S., Padul, V., Jones, L., & Ashili, S. (2023, February 9). Designing neoantigen cancer vaccines, trials, and outcomes. Frontiers in Immunology.

9. Chakrabarti, S., Biswas, N., Karnani, K., Padul, V., Jones, L., Kesari, S., & Ashili, S. (2023, January 28). Binned Data Provide Better Imputation of Missing Time Series Data from Wearables. Sensors.

10. Patro, C. P. K., Biswas, N., Pingle, S. C., Li, F., Anekoji, M., Jones, L., Kesari, S., Wang, F., & Ashili, S. (2022, December 26). MTAP loss: a possible therapeutic approach for glioblastoma. Journal of Translational Medicine.
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