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Summer 2024 Scholars Bioinformatics and Machine-Learning Program

Under the guidance of CureScience   scientists students will conduct original, innovative research projects specifically in computational biology, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. A weekly hour and a half lecture for the students will be conducted by the CureScience  scientists. Students are expected to spend at least four hours a day working on an independent project. Students will also have an opportunity to explore scientific careers with CureScience      scientists. 






On a limited basis, the training program is available for undergraduate and high-school students from diverse backgrounds. The course is limited to the first eligible 20 students. We encourage under-represented minority students.
Topics & Timeline


  • Intro to Scientific Research
  • Basics of Machine-Learning
  • Intro to Bioinformatics
  • Basics of Biochemistry

Program Timeline

February 12, 2024: Application period opens (Offering open enrollment)  

June 9, 2024: Program begins

August 25, 2024: Program concludes


Program application

To apply for the program, you must complete the following:

1.  Submit your application

2. Have one of your teachers or mentors submit the Teacher Recommendation form

Application forms will require the following:

  • A personal statement*

  • Your educational transcript (unofficial transcripts are acceptable)

  • A resume


* A personal statement provides you with an opportunity to explain why you are interested in the summer internship opportunity. Use your best judgement on what to include, but the following are often helpful to include:

  • A brief description of your academic record, relevant classes, etc.

  • A summary of any opportunities you have already had for research related activities. If you have not had these opportunities yet. That is OK, too.

  • We strongly recommend a description of your academic and career goals, but more importantly how the internship could help you accomplish them.

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