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With a wide range of diseases affecting millions of patients and families all around the world, there is an urgent need to identify, prevent, slow, or halt disease progression. Personalized health is transforming the landscape of medicine. It is an approach for early detection, disease prevention, and treatment that considers biological, genetic, behavioral, environmental, and social risk factors that are unique to every individual. It integrates data from genomics and other advanced technologies, digital health monitoring, and the latest medical innovations for optimizing health. This trial is a synchronized approach combining digital health with data and specimen collection to look at clinical outcomes.
Digtital Medicine

Digital Medicine

Digital Medicine refers to gathering useful information from the data acquired through digital means. This includes data from wearable devices (Fitbit, Apple Watch, etc.). Sensors on these devices can be tailored to capture numerous measurements within the domains of health, mobility, and lifestyle. By looking at prognostic models through multi-scale, multimodal data collection via a wearable device, real-time data can provide crucial health-related insights and may help deliver better care.

Wearable technology uses an interactive user interface and various sensors for tracking activity, recommending and motivating users to attain their fitness goals, potentially generating a change in daily or routine habits. The detail and continuous data streaming from wearable devices make them an ideal source to identify measurements that may be useful in clinical care. Changes in physiological data due to infections or diseases can be effectively detected, often even before the onset of symptoms. To computationally detect such abnormalities, we can either rely on statistical methods or on machine learning and deep learning models.

We are focused on capturing and connecting information from wearables to clinical outcomes. This can only be possible by connecting patients' medical information to the data stream from the wearables. Patients enrolled in this study will be asked to wear a wearable device for a specific duration.

Personalized Medicine

Personalized Medicine
Analysis and review of medical records, along with comprehensive informatics integration to better predict prognosis and treatment outcomes, will potentially accelerate current medicine practices, moving towards personalized care.
The goal of this trial is to:
  • Provide us with an incredible opportunity to understand and develop prognostic prediction models that could be used to predict the outcome of cancer and other diseases after treatment.
  • Improve data science and technology by integrating molecular, clinical, and population data for a deeper understanding of an individual’s personal health, risks, and treatment, and to provide insight into disease classifications, diagnostics, prognostics, and treatment outcomes.
  • Foster translational research using multidirectional integration of basic research, patient-oriented research, and population-based research that facilitates the understanding of human health and disease.
  • Explore and optimize the process of drug discovery to safely modulate disease.


Patient associate: Amanda Wilburn
Principal investigator: Feng Lin
How to Participate

How to Participate

Clinical Trial is Open to Eligible Participants.
  1. Fill out the registration form provided below.
  2. Someone from our study team will contact you with the information you provide.
  3. Informed consent will be provided for your review.


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